Managed Security as a Service Offerings

///Managed Security as a Service Offerings
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Avante Security provides its services and expertise to other security companies to allow them to fulfill certain security offerings as they pertain to high profile individuals throughout North America.   These Managed Security as a Service offerings enable other security companies to exceed their clients’ expectations in areas that are not core competencies for them.

Video Analytics as a Service (VaaS)

Avante provides its expertise in Video Analytics as a Service (VaaS) to certain security companies in North America that do not have the 24/7/365 infrastructure to manage video analytics alerts.   The customer sells and installs the product while Avante operates and white labels the back end assessment an dispatch function via its 24/7/365 Avante Control Centre which is staffed with high trained security operatives with the judgement and expertise to appropriately judge and respond to video analytics alerts.

Secure Transport as a Service (STaaS)

Avante provides back up relief for full time luxury transport drivers and chauffeurs in the Toronto area that cannot be on call 24/7/365.  Avante can remain on standby in the event the driver cannot work on a given day due to reasons such as vacation , illness or other commitments.

Rapid Alarm Response as a Service (RARaaS)

Avante can provide its rapid alarm response services to other security  companies which may have certain discriminating clients that demand a rapid response service in the event of a an incident occurring.

Access Control as a Service (ACaaS)

Avante provides remote management services for corporate access control systems.  Avante can manage the access list along with permissions and changes for companies deploying access control systems.

Key Management as a service (KMaaS)

Avante manages all outstanding keys for certain companies. Avante controls the documentation and controls for those possessing keys along with the management of any additions and subtractions of granted keys.


Business hours

Avante Security is a 24/7/365 operation.

Our Avante Control Centre is always open
Our support Hotline is available 24 Hours a day to our clients
Our head office hours are Monday-Friday
8:30 AM to 5 PM Eastern
Head office: (416) 923-6984