Residential Monitoring

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Avante Security provides state of the art home security services in Toronto to upscale neighborhoods. Our monitoring center is centrally located in Toronto and that gives us the ability to manage any security issues within minutes.

  • Alarm response to your home in Toronto in an average time of 6 minutes, phone contact within a minute of receiving the alarm
  • Daily safety patrols of your home, which will include a paper and mail pick-up
  • Key access, 24 hours a day, in the event of a lockout or to access authorized individuals into your home[
  • Worldwide access to AVANTE SECURITY INC. through our 24-hour number in the event of any emergency situations
  • The resources of AVANTE SECURITY INC. in assisting with contractors, alarm repairs and quotes etc.
  • Vacation Service, including interior patrols
  • Virtual Patrols Via Internet
  • Street proofing for Children, Nannies or Seniors
  • Neighborhood Crime Awareness Phone Call
  • Critical Incident Stress Counseling
  • Travel Advisory
  • Mobile Defibrillator

Perimeter Protection

Residential perimeters include all possible points of entry to your home from the outside. Protection is provided through the use of door and window contacts, glass break detectors, window film, skylight and roof detectors and security cameras. Ultimate exterior protection can be accomplished via Avante’s Intelligent Perimeter Protection offering which uses video analytic software to catch intruders before they break in. The Avante lawn sign signals that you well protected to potential intruders.

Interior Protection

Interior protection features act as support mechanisms to perimeter monitors, such as body mass detection or motion detectors. It may also include features such as panic and medical alert devices that can be hard-wired to your system or added through wireless remote controlled units.

Critical Functions

Critical function protection includes detectors to monitor for fire, smoke and heat, gas or carbon monoxide, high/low temperature or humidity and flood.

Alarm Response

Once your system is installed it must provide notification when a security breach has occurred. This is achieved in two ways. First, audible sirens are activated on the premises, followed by alarm signals that are transmitted to our monitoring station. The monitoring station will then proceed to notify any individuals you have requested on your call list and the authorities as necessary. Should you choose our Rapid Alarm Response service, Avante can respond within 6 minutes or less on average while providing numerous ancillary security services. When it comes to designing a residential alarm system, Avante believes that it should be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

Home Automation and Smartphone Apps

Part of feeling safe and secure involves comfort. To pass this feeling along to our customers, we offer a variety of home automation products. We can provide timed lighting, intercom and sound systems as well as smart phone controls of all home alarm and automation functions through various Apps.

Service and Support

Avante Security systems are supported by 24/7365 repair service for emergencies and extended warranties and maintenance packages are also available.


Business hours

Avante Security is a 24/7/365 operation.

Our Avante Control Centre is always open
Our support Hotline is available 24 Hours a day to our clients
Our head office hours are Monday-Friday
8:30 AM to 5 PM Eastern
Head office: (416) 923-6984