Rapid Alarm Response

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Avante Security is the only home security company in Toronto that has an alarm response time of under 6 minutes on average in our core area. At Avante we recognize the fact that responding to alarms requires an immediate dispatch so that perpetrators do not have the luxury of time to conduct any unlawful activity on your home premises. While Toronto is a relatively safe city by global standards, over 11,000 break-ins and 94,000 instances of property crime were reported in 2010 alone. (TPS Stats Report 2010)

Rapid alarm response is of utmost importance.  Industry standard response times can be 30-45 minutes or longer while some companies quote from the time they dispatch a vehicle not from alarm trigger. This level of delay significantly increases the risk that personal injury and/or substantial property loss will occur in a break-in situation.

Whether you call in for emergency assistance or we receive an alarm signal transmission, our Rapid Alarm Response Team will arrive at your home in an average time of six minutes or less. Outside the Toronto core, we can provide our service with conventional response times. We are able to do this because we focus this service on the core of Toronto. This best-in-class rapid response service is achieved as a result of many factors.

First, Avante needs to ensure the appropriate technology is installed in the home or business. Then, we can assure instant communication of alarm events occurs to our 24/7 Avante Control Centre. Second, our highly trained operatives then direct our mobile team, which responds quickly and in a safe and skillful manner. By having many patrol and response vehicles in the stated area at all times (24/7 365 days per year), Avante is able to guarantee it’s response times irrespective of multiple alarm situations.

Our security operatives are licensed and trained to carry a baton, handcuffs, and to administer First Aid and CPR. Our rapid response security personnel are fully trained and equipped with an in-car GPS system and Internet connection, for immediate response to alarms and other field support.

All of our vehicles are unmarked luxury vehicles or tastefully marked low profile vehicles. Our intention is to remain understated while ensuring we provide the best protection possible. Our operatives, dressed in suits and ties, are trained and equipped to deal with any situation found at the time of the alarm, including home emergencies such as shutting off water supplies in the event of a flood, evacuating pets for fire or other intuitional decisions that need to be made instantly.

Lastly, Avante provides you with our well-recognized signage for your building that communicates to the knowledgeable burglar that you have Avante’s Rapid Alarm Response service effectively encouraging them to pick a different target!

Avante’s Rapid Alarm Response service provides the ultimate peace of mind when your family’s safety is your foremost concern.

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