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High-profile individuals and executives are faced with unprecedented corporate and personal risks, requiring a higher level of security planning, coordination and management both domestically and while traveling abroad. Avante understands that clients and their families require a brand of personal protection that neither impedes on their lifestyle nor appears needlessly ostentatious.

Our executive protection professionals are trained not only in strategic and tactical situations, but also highly skilled in social dynamics and awareness. We offer a full range of discreet, personal and professional services designed to minimize risk while maximizing protection.

Through the Avante Control Centre telephone number, one can arrange any form of executive protection, commensurate with the threat level, with extremely quick turnaround times. For example, this can apply to secured transportation to a local sporting event or comprehensive security concierge and protection management for an entire delegation on lengthy trips, as well as volatile higher-risk environments. We can arrange customized solutions such as a tarmac airport meet and greet in the Middle East, for instance, and then continue transportation to business meetings.

We work with each client to coordinate and develop a customized security plan for domestic and international visits and we strive to provide various layers of protection as the situation and client circumstances warrant. From basic security with private drivers to details that require advance reconnaissance, to tracking devices, to hotel room security monitoring to portable panic buttons and alarm systems, Avante can provide the Executive Protection solution that’s right for you.


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