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Avante Security offers state of the art perimeter protection services for your home. Our Intelligent Perimeter Protection (IPP) is the ultimate in video surveillance security that utilizes artificial intelligence to monitor and track your property. This service is ideal for residents that reside on large lot sized homes in exclusive neighbourhoods.

Avante Intelligent Perimeter Protection (AIPP) comprises both Intrusion Detection and Video Analytics using a combination of algorithms to learn the environment the camera is focused on, so the moment there is an intrusion by a person into that camera view, an alert is sent to the operator to take action. The action will be according to the agreed response plan of the customer. The longer the camera is in place the better the software will “learn” the environment. That means that the home or business perimeter can be monitored for intrusion and a response underway well before there is any attempt to enter the premises.

The video software is able to distinguish between animals, humans, trees and changes of light conditions. The software will give an alert only for humans and/or vehicles depending on the algorithms used. This minimizes false alarms, giving the peace of mind of protection and the peace of not being disturbed unnecessarily.

AIPP adds the intelligence required to take the step from monitoring to detecting; it is not necessary for the operator to be looking at that particular camera at that particular moment for the intrusion to be detected and for the immediate response plan to be put into action.

This extra layer of protection leaves nothing to chance. The combination of Avante Security’s first class service, rapid alarm response, and its intelligent perimeter protection offering enables your security solution to perform at the highest level of protection for residents of Toronto and surrounding area.  We can even have one way or two way conversations with the intruders instantly after the AIPP detects them.

For a real life example of how it works please see our blog post here!


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