Avante Intelligent Perimeter Protection Video Analytics in Action….

/Avante Intelligent Perimeter Protection Video Analytics in Action….

Avante Intelligent Perimeter Protection Video Analytics in Action….


On May 2nd 2014 at 3:50am, an individual in a hoodie carrying a large shoulder bag was checking house doors to determine if they were unlocked and also looking for unlocked vehicles to target overnight.

Avante’s Intelligent Perimeter Protection (AIPP) Video Analytics detected the individual by software algorithm identification at an Avante client’s premises while the family was sleeping.

First the burglar checked the side door of the neighbor’s house to see if entry could be gained at 3:50.38 am.  (See link 1 below).  This first detection triggered an instant alert in the Avante Control Centre and an Operative was immediately dispatched.

Then seconds later at 3:51am the cars belonging to the Avante client were targeted.   (See link 2 below)

The third link shows our AIPP Video Analytics actually detecting the Avante operative who arrived at 3:55 am to investigate – within 5 minutes of the first detection.   (See link 3 below).   The Avante Operative ensured the home was secure and then patrolled the neighborhood in search of the suspect.   He was not found and we believe the suspect vacated the area.    In this case no home alarm would ever have been triggered and without AIPP the client would have otherwise been unaware of this attempt at vandalism (or in the neighbour’s case an attempt at home entry.)

This incident occurred in the Bayview / York Mills area of Toronto but we know that this type of activity happens every night across the city.   We know of numerous reports of articles missing from cars in higher end neighborhoods but this offers a glimpse of it happening in real time.  In this case the fact the suspect  tried an entry door for a home is concerning.  Had the door been unlocked, this could have become an home invasion situation.

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Please make sure you keep your doors locked at all times and especially at night.  It’s sounds trivial but in a busy household, it’s easy to forget to check that your doors are all locked before sleeping.  In addition, please make sure your alarm is armed on the ‘Stay’ mode at all times when you are in your home and the ‘Away’ mode when you are not home.

Please feel free to email this to your neighbours as awareness of this type of threat is  crucial to ensuring the neighborhood is looking out for suspicious persons like this one during the night.

When incidents such as these occur, Avante Security will send out this notification to inform you of the incident and provide security tips to help deter intruders from your home.

If you require any assistance contact us anytime.   If you would like to learn more about Avante’s Intelligent Perimeter Protection (AIPP) Video Analytics or our 6 Minute Rapid Alarm Response offering please contact us or email us at sales@avantesecurity.com or visit our website at www.avantesecurity.com.

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